1. Couple of Bros

    Couple of Bros

  2. Are you trying to kill me, EW?!??

    Are you trying to kill me, EW?!??

  3. Why so cute, Onion Knight Tiz? #bravelydefault

    Why so cute, Onion Knight Tiz? #bravelydefault

  4. inevitable-events said: Love the blog! Not to be weird but what is your heritage? You sort of remind me of the lead singer of Hedley in a way xP

    Lol I’m a mix of Mexican, Spanish and Flemish

  5. cum-enjoy said: I'm not sure your gay or not but just stumbled on your blog and have to say your very cute. That it all

    I AM gay and I really appreciate you saying so :3

  6. gonzalez512 said: What you username for instagram? I would like to follow you :)


  7. jonjonathanjon said: You sir, are incredibly handsome!

    Awww thanks

  8. pabstbluegibbons said: Would you ever date a Filipino dude? ;-)

    Yeah but I’m married now lol

  9. kingery1 said: Don't have a question just thought I'd tell you you have good taste

    Thanks! :)

  10. singlesouvenir said: You still play ffxiv?

    It’s been awhile, rarely since Dark Souls 2 and Mario Kart 8 came out!



  12. Alarm Clock

    Alarm Clock

  13. Weekend Warrior 👓

    Weekend Warrior 👓

  14. Bathroom Sentinel Elliot

    Bathroom Sentinel Elliot

  15. Soft Light Selfie

    Soft Light Selfie